Working around the world

Working abroad is a great opportunity for professional and personal growth – bolstering cross-cultural problem-solving and people skills, and allowing you to craft a career that reflects your interests. Here are a few examples of how we support mobility:

  • Engagement loan. You can relocate to another office or client location for a period of six months or less to participate as a team member in a specific engagement. In 2009, 42 percent of our non-partner consultants worldwide worked abroad via an engagement loan. Meet some of our people who recently worked abroad.
  • Global Rotation Program. You can undertake two 6- to 12-month international transfers, usually in sequence. After the rotation, you'll return to your home office. Read more about the McKinsey Global Rotation Program on McKinsey's main careers site or read an interview with Michal Skalsky, a GRP alumnus.
  • One-year transfer. If you want to see what another office is like, you can move there for a year.
  • Long-term or permanent transfer. If you'd like to settle down somewhere for professional or personal reasons, you can move to a new office permanently.

Whichever mobility option you choose, we provide the resources you need to help you make your move a success. Our dedicated mobility team will advise you on your move, ease your transition, and coordinate with your receiving office.