Training programs

Training is a high priority at McKinsey. As a new consultant, you can expect between five and eight weeks of training in your first two years, usually a mix of firm-wide and office-led trainings. McKinsey also offers formal learning programs dedicated to developing specific skills that you'll need to be a more effective consultant and leader. You'll be able to choose from more than a hundred training programs, both online and in person. Have a look at some of our training programs below.

These are some of the trainings you can expect in your first years:

  • Office introduction helps you to get familiar with office administrative support and lays out what McKinsey expects from all of its people. It also includes guidance on mentorship, teaches skills such as doing basic research, using IT, and creating presentations and charts.
  • Basic Consulting Readiness is a week-long course you'll take when you join the firm. It's for new consultants at all levels, and it teaches our problem-solving approach and knowledge-management techniques, as well as our values and guiding principles. It's also an opportunity to connect with many of your new colleagues.
  • Business Analyst Training is a one-week course for business analysts and other pre-associates that focuses on advanced problem solving and interpersonal and communication skills. It's a great chance to revisit what you've learned, strengthen your skills, and expand your McKinsey network by spending time with peers from other offices.
  • MBA. After three years with McKinsey, our successful Business Analysts receive a McKinsey MBA sponsorship at a top business school. This investment ensures success in future careers, wherever life can take them. McKinsey provides them with all the support imaginable, from assistance with the entry tests and essays, to top references and generous financial support. Our preferred schools include Harvard, Columbia, INSEAD, London Business School, Kellogg, Stanford, and Wharton. Upon completion, the graduates are invited to return to McKinsey as Associates. Read an interview with Viktor about his MBA experience.

As you gain experience, your development will focus on strengthening your communication, leadership, and management skills. You can choose from a variety of workshops, depending on your background and goals.

  • Mini-MBA is our program for Associates who join the firm with advanced degrees but without substantial business training. It's an intensive, three-week course in the core skills of a business school curriculum. You'll gain experience with basic analytic tools and frameworks, and you'll lay the groundwork for exercising sound business judgment.
  • Initial Leadership Workshop is a two-week session that prepares Associates who've demonstrated solid problem-solving ability to take on leadership roles.
  • Engagement Management Essentials and Engagement Leadership Workshop are designed to provide the practical tools you'll need as you become an Engagement Manager.
  • Client Leadership Workshop is designed to help newly designated Associate Principals develop as leaders in client service.

McKinsey also offers formal learning programs dedicated to developing specific skills. For example, our Communications Skills Workshop helps you build speaking and presentation skills and adapt your personal communication styles to different settings.