Jiří Vévoda

jiri-vevoda-150x200What did the McKinsey career give you?

Many things. It is a give-and-take relationship; McKinsey gives only if you invest yourself. It gave me abundance of exposure – to people, difficult problems, industries, knowledge, and defining situations – and it coached me how to navigate and grow through these. Last but not least, McKinsey gave me a group of colleagues and friends. Having said this, there are also things that McKinsey, by design, cannot provide. These are no small things, people have different appetite for them.

How did you feel about leaving McKinsey?

Joining McKinsey is difficult, and leaving is even more so. Joining is difficult because people who get an offer very likely have other great options. Leaving McKinsey is difficult because you don't leave behind only the place and a piece of yourself, but also the value of future choices. In the end, I followed a gut feeling on new horizons, and the impact I could have in the new role.