Jean-Pascal Duvieusart

JPYou helped to build the Prague office.

Yes, I was part of a great team that built all this. The Prague office is the work of 500 people – leaders, teams of consultants, and support staff – who have worked toward a common goal. The Eastern European Office complex as a whole is the work of a global firm, with a history going back half a century. That's who built this.

Looking back at your long McKinsey career, what are you most proud of?

All the people I have worked with at McKinsey – especially within Eastern Europe. What has made me the proudest as the leader of the Eastern European Office complex has been witnessing its development – the development of the office as a whole, of the individual locations, and of all the people I've met and worked with over the past ten years. For example, seeing someone I hired getting elected Partner or someone I worked with when he or she was an Associate or an EM getting elected Director. That's a tremendous source of satisfaction, particularly when you see it surrounded by development which is not just professional, but also personal, in terms of character and family – the whole person maturing. I have found that extremely rewarding.